im really off my food at the minute like

im still eating and all but its just out of habit and not because i really want to it kinda feels like a chore sometimes

idk if it has something to do with how much alcohol ive been having recently or maybe just cos ive been feeling so depressed lately

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2 pretty 4 you

2 pretty 4 you



forget the whole pain thing Jane’s eyeshadow is what we should really be afraid of

how does Bella know her way around Volterra is the question!!

also they’d be chanting the italian for saint right now

i legit know the volturi scene in new moon of by heart

theyre the best characters dont lie

no but they’re well suited

like Bella is v serious and morbid and Mike is light hearted and she might bring out thoughtfulness and he might brighten her a little idek

bella/mike all the way

someone write the fic where they get together and bella has a great relationship with someone who respects her and makes her laugh and doesnt monitor her behaviour like a creep

Jacob is actually pretty good for Bella until he becomes a werewolf and gets all angsty

people have a go at Bella for overreacting to Edward leaving but like she is showing symptoms of severe depression and I really feel for her because no matter the cause she is really suffering in new moon 

jesus christ edward you’re 109 why not have an adult conversation with your girlfriend and explain that you’re worried rather than leaving in a THIS IS THE LAST TIME YOULL EVER SEE ME’ like drama queen alert

bit of eyebrow sass from kstew then

pretty much the only sass Bella ever gives in the whole series

watching New Moon whilst drunk is the funniest thing ever

got drunk

tried to fouette

this is my eevening

idk if i should record any singing tonight while i can do stuff cos i dont know when ill sound this good again

but then ill listen to it and think it sounds awful so maybe i should cling to confidence